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farewell poli~

Salam dear diaries,  siap sedia utk mengemas blog yang tlh lama di tinggalkan.. bersarang,berhabuk,sawang segala ada..haha i don`t know where is my soul to blogging anymore.. quite pretty clear now, that i`m busy..hihi.. exam is just around the corner.. it my last exam for this sem and for this 3 years that i`ve been here..hopefully.. sad?.. feel awful?..grave?.absolutely i am..  okey, i`m not sad because this is my last final exam..i`m happy for it..haha.. i`m sad because the time is up..leave my buddy here.. mybe someone can just tell, alaa...boley jew jmpa lagi naty.. but the feel is different..when? come? this all messy question will coming out.. last week, we have a farewell dinner including Hari Jabatan Mekanikal.. chit-chat together, eating, laugh, take a photo and all that stuff with my classmate.. who with me sadness and happiness for 3 years i`ve been in here..

exam start this wednesday.. good luck to myself.. daa~